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Senoh’s Official Announcement

Date: Jun 21,2012

Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corporation of Japan (hereafter named ETIC), the current owner company of Senoh Corporation, has concluded an agreement with Mizuno Corporation (hereafter named MIZUNO) that all its owned stocks of Senoh will be transferred.
Following upon the conclusion, as of June 29 2012, MIZUNO becomes the owner of Senoh, and Senoh Group will be a member of Mizuno Group.
Since the ETIC’s decision in revitalization support for Senoh Group on March 26 2010, Senoh has been aiming for its reconstruction in early phase.
This transferring of owner company proves that the Senoh’s reconstruction has acquired a certain sight after two years and three months had passed since ETIC’s decision in support for Senoh, and it is our sincerely appreciation for your understanding and cooperation during these days.
The new owner of Senoh, MIZUNO, is the leading company of the sports industry. Therefore as Senoh becomes a member of MIZUNO, we improve our services and it is also thought as a significant start for our further development in future.
Senoh Group companies (Senoh, SenoTech, and Senoh Maintenance Services) continue current business activity, and therefore the change in trademark is not under intention.
The further information in new organization and management will be announced shortly after it is decided.

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