Since founded in 1908, SENOH has continued to grow in the field of manufacturing hard-ware sports and exercise equipment.

Today, Senoh has not limited its activities to the field of athletic sports, contributed as an enterprise supporting the most basic elements in the field of social sports as well as physical and health build-ups on the wide national level.

Senoh wishes “to build the bright future through sports”. Senoh is excited with enthusiastic hope not simply for its manufacture and sales of sports and fitness equipment, but also development of new fields (sports medicine etc) on the basis of long cherished history and know-how since foundation (1908).

Celebrating 100th anniversary, Senoh continues aiming to achieve the superiority of its quality in the market by examining for the best material and applying its unique technologies cultivated in its history.

1908 Founded as a private firm
1946 Established Senoh Sporting Equipment Co.,Ltd.
1949 Approved as the first grade product of the Japan Gymnastic Association
1961 Technical / Capital tie-up with Nissen Trampoline, U.S.A
1963 Approved by FIG as a equipment supplier to be used in Tokyo Olympics
1974 Company name changed to Senoh Corporation
1989 Officially recognized, approved, and recommended by FIVB
1998 Officially recognized, approved, and recommended by FIBA
2001 Certified ISO 9001
1964-2008 Designated as an official supplier for every Olympic Games
2012 Transfered to Mizuno Corporation
2015 Certified ISO14001


Head Office Sapporo Branch Sendai Branch Nagoya Branch Osaka Branch
Tokyo Branch Kanto-Shinetsu Branch Hiroshima Branch Fukuoka Branch  


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Senotech Corporation